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Silage Wrap

Barbier is our #1 chosen manufacture of silage wrap and we have trusted Barbier for the past 6 years.  We are impressed with not only their support and back up, but most of all the consistency of the rolls and the film.  For you, this results in reliability and productivity with companies you can depend on.  Highlights in the field have been brilliant cling and tack, superior strength, and consistency.

We have a range to suit your budget and machine.

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Bal Ensil Titan

Bal'ensil Titan

Our superior silage wrap!

  • The best of the best!
  • When you want a film that exceeds expectations
  • Maximum durability
  • Maximum tear and puncture resistance
  • Maximum adhesion
  • Maximum oxygen impermeability
  • Barbier 5 layer blown technology
  • Green / White
  • 750mm x 1500m
newrap5 tm

Newrap 5

Our #1 selling silage wrap

  • Ideal for stalky crops – less punchers
  • Great for multiple handling of the bales – less tears
  • Noticeable less tails – wrap blowing in the wind serves no purpose!
  • Consistent rolls – no getting on and off the tractor during the rolls
  • Barbier 5 layer blown technology
  • Green / White / Black
  • 750mm x 1500m

Agroland Extra-5

Great all-rounder silage wrap

  • Want the best of both worlds – high quality and price competitive?
  • Noticeable less tails – better to have the wrap on the bale instead of blowing in the wind!
  • Consistent rolls – no getting on and off the tractor during the rolls
  • Barbier 5 layer blown technology
  • Green
  • 750mm x 1500m
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Easy on the pocket silage wrap!

  • European quality and extremely price competitive!
  • Great mechanical strength
  • Great sticking power
  • Great airtightness
  • Reliable
  • Barbier 5 layer blown technology
  • Green
  • 750mm x 1500m
Logo Bal ensil Expert

Bal'ensil Expert

Productivity and profitability at its best

Wanting more productivity and a more cost effective option for silage film?  Expert is a slightly thinner micron film allowing the length to be increased, and the cost per bale to be reduced.

  • Wrap more bales for less – lowest cost per bale for our range (comparing at 6 layers)
  • 26% longer length rolls
  • More bales per roll = less changing rolls and take less rolls to the job
  • Be more productive and profitable
  • Great quality silage wrap – strong and consistent
  • Great for Film on Film machines
  • Barbier 7 layer blown technology
  • Green
  • 750mm x 1900m
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Bal ensil Heritage2

Bal'ensil Heritage

Different Widths

  • Ideal for stalky crops - less punchers
  • Great for multiple handling of the bales - less tears
  • Noticeable less tails - wrap blowing in the wind serves no purpose!
  • Consistent rolls - no getting on and off the tractor during the rolls
  • Barbier 5 layer blown technology
  • Green
  • 365mm x 1500m (for wrapping conventionals)
  • 500mm x 1800m

Bale Net

A range of nets to suit your machinery.  Great coverage, smooth running, heavy duty net all have stood the test of time!  And extremely price competitive!!

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Atlas Net

Atlas is certified by the DLG (German Agricultural Society), passing the Signum-Test.  This means it has been tested on all popular balers and was submitted to a number of performance tests on its technical characteristics.  This European company is the second largest manufacturer of bale net worldwide, so it is no wonder it performs.

  • White with black strip in from edge
  • 50m end of roll warning
  • 1.23m x 3000m
  • 1.23m x 3600m
  • 1.3m x 3000m– Great for Welger, Kuhn, and John Deere balers
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Juta Net

Juta net has been tested and proven in New Zealand for 13 years.  Again this net is European and strong.  Juta net is highly recommended for Krone balers new and old, or anyone wanting a little more coverage.

  • White with one orange end and one green end
  • 50m end of roll warning
  • 1.25m x 3000m
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new product2

Golden Net

Golden Net is perfect for those who want more coverage and productivity. Brilliant for Krone balers.

  • Yellow with two black strips at one end
  • 50m end of roll warning
  • 1.25m x 3600m
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Double Chain Logo

Double Chain Technology

The Double Chain bale net uses an innovative, state of the art technology which increases tensile strength by using double chain instead of the traditional single chain structure.

Advantages of Double Chain net

  • Stronger – double security
  • Lighter rolls – therefore we are able to offer longer length rolls = more productivity
  • Consistently better coverage of the bale, spreads extremely well in all machines
  • Improved feeding so to eliminate splitting of the net and cuts easily
  • White with 3 black strips at one end
  • 50m end of roll warning
  • 1.23m x 4500m
  • 1.3m x 4000m
Isolstar Press

Net Replacement film

For Film on Film machines – With more balers being able to apply film instead of bale net, we are pleased to offer the latest option of Net Replacement Film.

Isolostar™ Press

  • Strong and reliable
  • Smooth running
  • Recommended 10-15% stretch
  • Recommended 3.5 revolutions
  • Barbier technology
  • Milky colour
  • 1.28m x 2000m x 15um
  • 1.38m x 2000m x 15um
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JutaTwine copy


Juta Twine

Juta twine is well wound and has excellent fibrillation to ensure high quality strong twines and tight knots you can depend on. With this European twine we can cater for all twine balers.

High Density balers – no problem!

BrandColourBreaking strain
Juta Master Force 110 Light Blue 290kg
Juta Master 130 Beige 245kg
Juta Big Square Blue 215kg
Juta Medium Rust 200kg
Juta Conventional Green 100kg
Juta Round Blue 54kg

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Pit Covers

Standard Pit Cover

High quality strong covers manufactures in Europe with 100% virgin material.

  • 12m and 15m widths – 5 layer technology = strong and consistent – food grade certification
  • 18m and 20m widths – NEW increased strength!
  • Metre marked – large and clear
  • Black / White
  • 12m x 300m
  • 15m x 50m
  • 15m x 300m
  • 15m x 400m
  • 18m x 300m
  • 18m x 400m
  • 20m x 300m
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Vacuum film for pit silage

Our Isolstar Flex vacuum film for pit silage (applied before the pit cover) ensures the waste is minimised.  It is inexpensive insurance for quality silage.  The results are visible on maize and grass!

  • Follows the contour of the pit to reduce air pockets
  • Reduced air = reduced waste = better results
  • Small outlay, big returns!
  • Food grade certification = Traceability of virgin raw materials, no heavy metals = Overall safety of your pit
  • Barbier technology
  • 14m x 50m x 40um
Isolstar Flex
new product

2 in 1 rolls

The pit cover and the vacuum film is wound on the same roll making it much easier to apply to the pit.

  • Pit Cover 130um + Vacuum Film 40um
  • Pull out together just as you would a standard cover
  • 15m x 300m
  • 18m x 300m
  • 20m x 300m
Silage bags

Silage Bags

An alternative system to pit silage reducing waste

We import Silage Bags for 10 and 12 foot machines.  They come in a range of lengths and are European quality to ensure the product is of a high standard.

  • Stretch indicator on bag
  • European quality
  • For 10 foot and 12 foot machines
  • 75m / 90m / 150m lengths
  • 250 um
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What our customers are saying

"Juta Big Blue twine has ran trouble free through our Massey Ferguson square baler for the last few seasons, due to its high quality, strength and reliability.  This twine's performance is incredible; no knot rolls, no time out of the seat!!  Well recommended".

- Shane Foster – Foster Farming 2013 Ltd – Rakaia (2017)
“This season we went back to using Newrap. It may cost a little more but its consistency through our machines and puncture resistance is well worth the extra expense to know the job is done right! The lack of tails is great – better to have the wrap on the bale than blowing in the wind!!”

- Dean Parkes – Parkes Contracting Ltd – Te Awamutu (2017)
“With the different net options available from Independent Wrap we have always found a product to suit our machines over the years, also cost effective yet strong with great coverage! Independent Wrap are a company that is honest and I can depend on them”.

- Kevin Hermansen – Hermansen Contracting Ltd – Norsewood (2017)
"Since 2014 we have been using Independent Wrap 18m Pit Covers due to the outstanding performance, strength and reliability, giving us tried and tested consistency in our silage covers.  Delivery and service is prompt and trouble free, Independent Wrap have never let us down".

- Hayden MacKenzie – H MacKenzie Contracting Ltd – Geraldine (2017)
"We have ran Newrap for two seasons now, and found it to perform exceptionally well with our varied crops, conditions, and machines.  This coupled with friendly professional back up provides us both confidence in Independent Wrap and their products".

- Steve James – Steve James Contracting Ltd – Te Anau (2017)
"I used Expert 21 micron film and Atlas 1.3m wide net for the first time last season. I found both products to be very reliable and robust, and great value for money! I will happily use them again for the coming season.”

- Tony Holden – Tony Holden Contracting Ltd – Clinton (2016)
“I was most impressed with the backup and service from Independent Wrap. It is great to deal with a conscientious company.”

- Nathan Armstrong – Armstrong Partnership – Becks (2016)
“Newrap handled the stalks of Lucerne well! Also the product ran through the machine smoothly, only getting off to change the rolls.”

- Greg Drummond – Eyre Estate Farms Ltd – Lumsden (2016)
“Pit covers are clearly meter marked, well packaged, and are high quality at a competitive price!”

- Jason Weld – Forage Services Ltd – Palmerston North (2016)
“Expert is one of the best silage films I have used after many years contracting so it was an obvious choice for me to use Expert for the 2015 season."

- Chris Holmes – CR & BF Holmes Contracting – Te Awamutu (2016)
“Independent Wrap’s products run well through our machines – Newrap, Atlas Net, Juta Net, and the Juta twine. The pit covers are great too. Plus they have great service, so it’s a no brainer as to why we chose them as our preferred supplier.”

- Lloyd Gernhoefer – Gernhoefer Contracting Ltd – Eltham (2016)
“I used Newrap 5 layer film for the first time last season and I believe it is the best wrap I have ever used, and the price was more competitive so I made a saving!”

- David Wordsworth – Wordsworth Partnership – Dargaville (2015)
“Newrap is a brilliant film – there is no tearing of bales when we shift them. This is great when we are selling them on. Also the Juta 1.25 net is giving great coverage making for very tidy bales.”

- Ian Comins – Comins Contracting Ltd – Te Awamutu (2015)
“During a busy season, you need reliability and I know I can rely on the Pit Covers from Independent Wrap. They are always consistent from the quality of the plastic, good and strong; to the easy to read meter markings. Independent Wrap ensure we have quality Pit Covers when we need them.”

- Peter Green – Wattle Contracting Ltd – Te Kawhata (2018)
“I am pleased to say I have been working with Independent Wrap for several years now. They have been very consistent with high quality products and exceptional service. They go out of their way to ensure I have what I need, when I need it. They really understand my business and the industry!”

- Andrew Mabey – Mabey Contracting Ltd – Pahiatua (2018)
“Net Replacement Film goes a long way towards making better baleage, and I-Press from Independent Wrap does the job for me. It runs well in my Fusion 3 Plus, it is a very strong product and we get good bale numbers per roll.”

- Robert Sims – Sims Contractors Ltd – Otaki (2018)
“We tried Ecoplast for the first time this season. I was so impressed that I changed from my previous supplier to using only Ecoplast. It’s very cost effective and it’s very consistent; put 2 rolls on and don’t get out till they're finished. That’s how it should be, I don’t expect anything less.”

- Chris Simpson – CJ & RM Simpson – Feilding (2018)
“We have ran products from Independent Wrap since they have been in the lower South Island. We have trialled many twines in the past but the performance of the Juta is best, it ticks all the boxes. Atlas 1.3m net performs well through the Welger round balers, giving edge to edge cover every bale. Expert is outstanding in its field, whether used on squares or rounds, it has been consistent roll after roll, season after season.”

- Tony Holden – Tony Holden Contracting Ltd – Clinton (2018)
“Atlas 1.23m net is faultless through our McHale balers; it feeds and spreads well across the bale. The roll goes in the baler and needs no attention until it’s time for a new roll. Delivery is well organised and problem free.”

- Mike Morris – Morris Contracting Ltd – Otautau (2018)