pit covers

Pit Covers

Independent Wrap pit covers are imported from Europe and are manufactured with 100% virgin material.  Quality is our focus and our premium grade covers enable you to trust and rely on the product giving you confidence in the completed job. 

Standard Pit Covers

Our standard black/white pit covers are high quality with high impact resistance.  Metre markings are printed large and clear. 

  • 12m x 300m
  • 15m x 50m
  • 15m x 300m
  • 15m x 450m
  • 18m x 300m
  • 20m x 300m

Vacuum Film

Manufactured by Barbier, Isolstar™ Flex is used underneath the main pit cover.  It is a thin flexible film to follow the contours of the pit to reduce air pockets.

Reduced air = Reduced waste = Visible results!

These small, manageable, inexpensive rolls are perfect for using for select clients, or as a progression to the 2in1 Pit Covers.

  • 15m x 50m x 40µ


2 in 1 Pit Covers

Vacuum film and oxygen barrier options

Vacuum film has been so successful that the demand is now for the vacuum film to be included on the same roll as the pit cover – 2 covers, 1 roll.  This improves the application process of the covers to the stack.  The expense is negligible in comparison to the visible results – reduce waste to the top inch of the stack.

  • 12m x 300m + Oxygen Barrier underlay
  • 15m x 300m + Oxygen Barrier underlay
  • 18m x 300m + Vacuum Film underlay
  • 18m x 300m + Oxygen Barrier underlay
  • 20m x 300m + Vacuum Film underlay
  • 20m x 300m + Oxygen Barrier underlay

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