Since the inception of Independent Wrap, we have been importing twine from Juta. We have had no reason to change – the product is fantastic and the price is competitive!

Juta Twine

Juta twine has excellent fibrillation, resulting in a high-quality strong twine with tight knots you can depend on.   High density balers are demanding more from twines, and due to the high-quality raw materials and advanced technology used, these twines deliver high knot strengths, high tear resistance, and considerably less wear on your machines.

Juta twine is manufactured in the Czech Republic and although they may not be a mainstream brand, it should not be underestimated as the performance in Europe and here in New Zealand is outstanding!


We have a range of twines to suit your demands and machinery.

Brand Colour Knot Strength (average)
Juta Master Blue Force Light Blue 290kg
Juta Master Original Beige 245kg
Juta Big Square Bue 215kg
Juta Conventional Green 100kg
Juta Round Blue  

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