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What our customers say.

The combination of I-Press net replacement and Expert bale wrap have performed very constantly and left us a high quality finished product. Service and delivery received was great.

Ram Laidlaw - Laidlaw Contracting, Southland

I have used Newrap for a number of years. The consistency is great and it can take a few knocks when handling, without creating any issues. Newrap just runs and runs, the way a great wrap should!

Bevan Northcott - Northcott Contracting - Taranaki

Longer rolls are more cost-effective, and it’s less downtime which lowers our overheads and improves our efficiency. We are using Expert silage wrap 1900m, Atlas 1.23/4500 net which is very strong, and 15m x 450m pit covers. We have used these for the last couple of seasons and we find we get better productivity without compromising quality.

Marc Gopperth - Gopperth Contracting – Auroa

Since we have been running Master Original in our medium square baler, any niggles with twine we had have gone away! Master Original just runs without hassle, and we can know we’ll go baling for the day without twine or knot issues.

Jeff Erard - Feilding

We’ve been using Juta 1.25/3600m Net in our Kuhn FBP 3135 for the last few years. It’s always performed well whether it’s on silage or hay

James Simpson - James Simpson Contracting – Kawakawa

We have found the 18m 2in1 pit cover to be a tough, high-quality cover. We have experienced great communication and trouble-free delivery from Independent Wrap.

Ferg Macdonald - Green to Gold Contracting, Wanaka

We have used and trusted Independent Wrap for all of our baling, wrapping and silage products for a number of years. The quality of the product and the service levels we receive are outstanding.

Peter Flintoft - Flintoft Contractors Ltd – Rotherham

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