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Silage Wrap

Barbier is a family owned business in France manufacturing polyethylene films for many industries including agriculture.  Barbier’s culture is dedicated to quality, service, performance, and innovation.  With these values being equal to Independent Wrap, it is the reason we chose Barbier as our supplier and the reason Barbier collaborate with us.  For many years we have worked closely together to ensure our clients are receiving quality consistent product and this is reinforced by an annual visit from Barbier.  For you, this results in reliability and productivity with companies you can depend on!

 Independent Wrap is proud to supply the complete range of Barbier silage wrap.  We will have a product to suit your requirements, whether it be performance (machine or crop), price, productivity, or a combination; so please take the opportunity to discuss the range in more detail with one of our Team to ensure we are meeting your demands.

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Bal'ensil Titan

Our superior silage wrap!

  • The best of the best!
  • When you want a film that exceeds expectations
  • Maximum durability
  • Maximum tear and puncture resistance
  • Maximum adhesion
  • Maximum oxygen impermeability
  • Barbier 7 layer blown technology
  • Green / White
  • 'No Box' option available
  • 750mm x 1500m
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Newrap 5

Our #1 selling silage wrap

  • Ideal for stalky crops – less punctures
  • Great for multiple handling of the bales – less tears
  • Noticeable less tails – wrap blowing in the wind serves no purpose!
  • Consistent rolls – no getting on and off the tractor during the rolls
  • Barbier 5 layer blown technology
  • Green / White / Black
  • 750mm x 1500m
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Agroland Extra-5

Great all-rounder silage wrap

  • Want the best of both worlds – high quality and price competitive?
  • Noticeable less tails – better to have the wrap on the bale instead of blowing in the wind!
  • Consistent rolls – no getting on and off the tractor during the rolls
  • Barbier 5 layer blown technology
  • Khaki
  • 750mm x 1500m
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Protection at a competitive price

  • European quality and extremely price competitive!
  • Great mechanical strength
  • Great sticking power
  • Great airtightness
  • Reliable
  • Barbier 5 layer blown technology
  • Khaki
  • 750mm x 1500m
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Bal'ensil Expert

Productivity and profitability at its best

Wanting more productivity and a more cost effective option for silage film?  Expert is a slightly thinner micron film allowing the length to be increased, and the cost per bale to be reduced.

  • Wrap more bales for less – lowest cost per bale for our range (comparing at 6 layers)
  • 26% longer length rolls
  • More bales per roll = less changing rolls and take less rolls to the job
  • Be more productive and profitable
  • Great quality silage wrap – strong and consistent
  • Great for Film on Film machines
  • Barbier 7 layer blown technology
  • Green / White 
  • 'No Box' option available
  • 750mm x 1900m
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Bal ensil Heritage2

Bal'ensil Heritage

Different Widths

  • Ideal for stalky crops - less punctures
  • Great for multiple handling of the bales - less tears
  • Noticeable less tails - wrap blowing in the wind serves no purpose!
  • Consistent rolls - no getting on and off the tractor during the rolls
  • Barbier 5 layer blown technology
  • Green
  • 365mm x 1500m (for wrapping conventionals)
  • 500mm x 1800m
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Heritage 3652
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The Sea Cleaners

Fighting for a pollution free ocean, the Manta was developed, a first of its kind processing ship designed to collect, treat and repurpose large volumes of floating plastic debris present in highly polluted water. Barbier have made a long term commitment with The Sea Cleaners and have developed a silage wrap to raise funds for this project. The distinctive blue Barbier Heritage wrap – Sea Cleaners – is available to purchase this season. With every roll sold, €1 is gifted to this mission. Let’s support a cleaner ocean!

While stocks last.

The SeaCleaners QR Code





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Bale Net

We ensure our nets are manufactured with high quality raw material providing maximum tensile strength and high resistance to tearing.  Feedback includes great coverage, trouble-free running, very strong, cuts clean and tail sticks well to the bale.

We import a range of nets to suit your demands and machinery. 

WP 000641

Atlas Net and Golden Net

Atlas and Golden Net are certified by the DLG (German Agricultural Society), passing the Signum-Test.  This means it has been tested on all popular balers and was submitted to a number of performance tests on its technical characteristics.  This European company is the second largest manufacturer of bale net worldwide, so it is no wonder it performs.

Atlas Net

  • White with black strip in from edge
  • 50m end of roll warning
  • 1.23m x 3000m
  • 1.23m x 3600m – Our #1 Seller
  • 1.23 x 4500m –  Productivity!
  • 1.3m x 3000m – Great for Welger, Kuhn, and John Deere balers
  • 1.3m x 3600m – Width and extra length!

Golden Net

  • Yellow with two black strips at one end
  • 50m end of roll warning
  • 1.25m x 3600m  – Great for Krones or those wanting extra coverage
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Juta Net

Juta net has been tested and proven in New Zealand for over 17 years.  Again this net is European and strong.  Juta net is highly recommended for Krone balers, new and old, and anyone requesting more coverage on their bales. Juta net is reverse wound to help eliminate splitting when running in the machine.

  • White with one orange end and one green end
  • 50m end of roll warning
  • 1.25m x 3000m
  • 1.25m x 3600m
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Net Replacement Film

Barbier are our manufacturer and supplier of NRF.

Isolstar Press

Isolstar Press

We have proven success here in New Zealand compared to other well-known brands and through a variety of machines.  Isolstar™ Press is manufactured using the latest pre-stretch technology resulting in a very strong NRF allowing you to produce bales to their optimum.  We encourage Isolstar™ Press to be used in conjunction with Expert (see silage wrap).

  • Strong and reliable
  • Smooth running
  • Recommended 10-15% stretch
  • Recommended 3.5 revolutions
  • Barbier technology
  • Milky colour
  • 1.28m x 2000m x 15µ
  • 1.38m x 2000m x 15µ
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Since the inception of Independent Wrap, we have been importing twine from Juta.  We have had no reason to change – the product is fantastic and the price is competitive!

JutaTwine copy

Juta Twine

Juta twine has excellent fibrillation resulting in a high quality strong twine with tight knots you can depend on.   High density balers are demanding more from twines and due to the high quality raw materials and advanced technology used, these twines deliver high knot strengths, high tear resistance, and considerably less wear on your machines.

Juta twine is manufactured in the Czech Republic and although they may not be a mainstream brand, it should not be underestimated as the performance in Europe and here in New Zealand is outstanding!

We have a range of twines to suit your demands and machinery.


BrandColourKnot Strength (average)
Juta Master Extrem Green 300kg
Juta Master Blue Force Light Blue 290kg
Juta Master Original Beige 245kg
Juta Big Square Blue 215kg
Juta Medium Square Rust 200kg
Juta Conventional Green 100kg
Juta Round Blue  
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S A Brooker Contracting MF110
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Pit Covers

Independent Wrap pit covers are imported from Europe and are manufactured with 100% virgin material.  Quality is our focus and our premium grade covers enable you to trust and rely on the product giving you confidence in the completed job. 


Standard Pit Covers

Our standard black/white pit covers are high quality with high impact resistance.  Metre markings are printed large and clear. 

  • 12m x 300m
  • 15m x 50m
  • 15m x 300m
  • 15m x 450m
  • 18m x 300m
  • 20m x 300m
  • 24m x 300m
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Vacuum Film

Manufactured by Barbier, Isolstar™ Flex is used underneath the main pit cover.  It is a thin flexible film to follow the contours of the pit to reduce air pockets.

Reduced air = Reduced waste = Visible results!

These small, manageable, inexpensive rolls are perfect for using for select clients, or as a progression to the 2in1 Pit Covers.

  • 14m x 50m x 40µ
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Isolstar Flex

2 in 1 Pit Covers

Vacuum film has been so successful that the demand is now for the vacuum film to be included on the same roll as the pit cover – 2 covers, 1 roll.  This improves the application process of the covers to the stack.  The expense is negligible in comparison to the visible results – reduce waste to the top inch of the stack.

We have taken our 2in1 Pit Covers a step further – the vacuum film is a 99.9% oxygen barrier.  The vacuum film is manufactured with resins with a higher barrier to gases which almost stops the transfer of oxygen and improves the forage conservation.  With the extra consideration taken to use 2in1 covers we feel it is important to have high quality all round that your clients will appreciate and come accustomed to.

  • Pit Cover 120µ + Vacuum Film 40µ
  • Pull out together just as you would a standard cover
  • 12m x 300m
  • 15m x 300m
  • 18m x 300m
  • 20m x 300m
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Silage Bags

Imported from Europe, our silage bags are distinguished in the market for their strength allowing you to take full advantage of the capacity and be confident in the completed job.  We currently import 10 foot bags, 9 foot and 12 foot are available on request.

  • Stretch indicator on bag
  • 75m / 90m / 150m lengths
  • 250µ
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What our customers are saying

"Juta Big Blue twine has ran trouble free through our Massey Ferguson square baler for the last few seasons, due to its high quality, strength and reliability.  This twine's performance is incredible; no knot rolls, no time out of the seat!!  Well recommended".

- Shane Foster – Foster Farming 2013 Ltd – Rakaia (2017)
“With the different net options available from Independent Wrap we have always found a product to suit our machines over the years, also cost effective yet strong with great coverage! Independent Wrap are a company that is honest and I can depend on them”.

- Kevin Hermansen – Hermansen Contracting Ltd – Norsewood (2017)
"Since 2014 we have been using Independent Wrap 18m Pit Covers due to the outstanding performance, strength and reliability, giving us tried and tested consistency in our silage covers.  Delivery and service is prompt and trouble free, Independent Wrap have never let us down".

- Hayden MacKenzie – H MacKenzie Contracting Ltd – Geraldine (2017)
“I was most impressed with the backup and service from Independent Wrap. It is great to deal with a conscientious company.”

- Nathan Armstrong – Armstrong Partnership – Becks (2016)
“Expert is one of the best silage films I have used after many years contracting so it was an obvious choice for me to use Expert for the 2015 season."

- Chris Holmes – CR & BF Holmes Contracting – Te Awamutu (2016)
“Independent Wrap’s products run well through our machines – Newrap, Atlas Net, Juta Net, and the Juta twine. The pit covers are great too. Plus they have great service, so it’s a no brainer as to why we chose them as our preferred supplier.”

- Lloyd Gernhoefer – Gernhoefer Contracting Ltd – Eltham (2016)
“Newrap is a brilliant film – there is no tearing of bales when we shift them. This is great when we are selling them on. Also the Juta 1.25 net is giving great coverage making for very tidy bales.”

- Ian Comins – Comins Contracting Ltd – Te Awamutu (2015)
“During a busy season, you need reliability and I know I can rely on the Pit Covers from Independent Wrap. They are always consistent from the quality of the plastic, good and strong; to the easy to read meter markings. Independent Wrap ensure we have quality Pit Covers when we need them.”

- Peter Green – Wattle Contracting Ltd – Te Kawhata (2018)
“I am pleased to say I have been working with Independent Wrap for several years now. They have been very consistent with high quality products and exceptional service. They go out of their way to ensure I have what I need, when I need it. They really understand my business and the industry!”

- Andrew Mabey – Mabey Contracting Ltd – Pahiatua (2018)
“Net Replacement Film goes a long way towards making better baleage, and I-Press from Independent Wrap does the job for me. It runs well in my Fusion 3 Plus, it is a very strong product and we get good bale numbers per roll.”

- Robert Sims – Sims Contractors Ltd – Otaki (2018)
“We have ran products from Independent Wrap since they have been in the lower South Island. We have trialled many twines in the past but the performance of the Juta is best, it ticks all the boxes. Atlas 1.3m net performs well through the Welger round balers, giving edge to edge cover every bale. Expert is outstanding in its field, whether used on squares or rounds, it has been consistent roll after roll, season after season.”

- Tony Holden – Tony Holden Contracting Ltd – Clinton (2018)
"We have been running Titan which has proven to be a very tough, high quality wrap. It has operated incredibly well in our hot dry conditions, through both the tube wrappers and combi without fault. Back up is great with good communication and delivery when needed."

- Jacob Holdaway – Jacob Holdaway Contracting Ltd – Ashburton (2019)
"The 18m 2in1 pit covers have been a great success on all crop types. Visually the crop is very different to a standard covered pit, a nice golden colour with no spoilage. The configuration of the cover and ease of pulling out over the pit is very good. The covers are of a strong high dart quality. Local storage is also a huge benefit with timely deliveries."

- Steven Shearing – Steven Shearing Contracting Ltd – Riverton (2019)
"We use Isolstar Press Net Replacement Film through our New Holland. I-Press runs through the baler nicely and always spreads over the edge of the bale. With good bale numbers per roll and the strength of I-Press we are very happy with the performance and our tight solid bales."

- Michael Davidson – Davidson Contracting Ltd – Whanganui (2019)
"I used Newrap this season and found it to be a great, strong, reliable wrap. The product is consistent with minimal breaks while wrapping resulting in less time out of the tractor so we are more productive. With Paul being based locally in the Manawatu, the level of service has been fantastic!"

- Jeff Erard – Erard Contracting Ltd – Feilding (2019)
"We have been using Independent Wrap for our crop packaging products for 15 years. They have always provided quality products at a fair price. Their great service means deliveries are when and where we need them so we can be confident we can get the job done!"

- Aaron White – Owen White Ltd – Hunua (2019)
I can rely on Expert. It’s a high quality strong plastic that runs right out to the core every time. The added benefit of the 1900m length rolls allows me to get more bales wrapped before needing extra rolls brought out to the job.

- David Wordsworth – Wordsworth Partnership – Dargaville (2019)
“With the distances my guys have to travel to jobs, the longer covers are essential. 450m means less rolls and less annoying ends. There is no sacrifice on quality, walking and throwing tyres on these covers is not an issue.”

- Ross Alexander – Alexander Ag Ltd – Kaikohe (2020)
“As a large-scale goat farmer, we do all our own baling. I-Press 1.38 runs very well through our Fusion 3 Plus and gives us the security we need to know that when we go to feed out, we’re feeding quality.”

- Henry Smitstra – Smitstra Contracting – Matamata (2020)
“With making and trading bales we rely on good wrap. Agroland is very durable and consistent when wrapping round and square bales of varying crop types. As well as faultless running through the wrapper, it makes Agroland excellent value.”

- Tharan Rule – Hay Ruler Feed Supplies 2015 Ltd – Winton (2020)
“Expert performs very well and handles our coastal weather, battling the elements that’s thrown at it. Regardless of being in a stack or placed on the crop its performance is second to none.”

- Paul Menpes – Menpes Contracting – Riverton (2020)
“We have used 15m x 300m Pit Covers from Independent Wrap for five seasons. The quality is superior to anything else we’ve tried.”

- Jason Weld – Forage Services Ltd – Palmerston North (2020)
“We ran Titan which proved to be a high quality tough wrap. No issues meant less time out of the tractor saving time and money. Delivery and back up is fantastic!”

- Russell Agnew – Trusty Contracting Ltd – Hastings (2020)
“Master Force 110 has been well received by our operators and has run very well through our Claas Quadrants and MF2250/2270 balers. It is also very cost effective. The superior service from Independent Wrap has only been enhanced with Dave in the Upper South Island region.”

- Jacob Holdaway – Jacob Holdaway Contracting Ltd – Ashburton (2020)
“Switching to Golden Net proved to be a great decision. It is strong and runs through the balers without issues. You can just put the roll in and forget it until it runs out.”

- Craig Wilson – Multi Ag Ltd – Waimate (2020)
“Classic has performed very well through our Fusion 3 Plus enabling us to provide a quality product and be price competitive so our customers are very happy.”

- Vickie Thompson – Rycam Ag Ltd – Hamilton (2021)
“Last season we changed from a recognised market leading product for wrapping our bales to Agroland, which preformed faultlessly at a far more affordable price. It exceeded our expectations.”

- Stan Windlebourne – Windlebourne Contracting Ltd – Whangarei (2021)
“Our baling conditions can vary from flat paddocks to hill sides. Titan and Newrap worked well for our varying terrain and crops. Our Krone balers liked Golden Net, feeding well and holding a good bale. Feedback from our client base has been very positive.”

- Peter Marshall – Marshall Ag and Baleage – Mosgiel (2021)
“We ran Isolstar Press 1.28 and 1.38 through our recently purchased New Holland Combi. It fed and ran well through the baler, spreading evenly across the bale giving good consistent cover. This combined with the Classic wrap at the back worked very well for us.”

- Brittany Stuart – Hamish Stuart Contracting – Invercargill (2021)
“Since changing to only using Expert from Independent Wrap, our drivers’ comment that due to the lack of tails it’s nice to be able to drive down the road and not look like a party streamer! We also run Atlas 1.23 Net through all of our Fusion balers; you just load the roll and forget it until it runs out.”

- Hayden Hahn – Coastwide Forage Solutions Ltd – Dobson (2021)
“We have used and trusted Independent Wrap for all of our baling, wrapping and silage products for a number of years. The quality of the product and the service levels we receive are outstanding.”

- Peter Flintoft – Flintoft Contractors Ltd – Rotherham (2021)
“Longer rolls are more cost effective and it’s less down time which lowers our overheads and improves our efficiency. We are using Expert silage wrap 1900m, Atlas 1.23/4500 net which is very strong, and 15m x 450m pit covers. We have used these for the last couple of seasons and we find we get better productivity without compromising quality.”

- Marc Gopperth – Gopperth Contracting – Auroa (2021)